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Thank you Maija.

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Thank you, Maija. How i enjoy reading your words AND hearing your voice. It is calming and soothing. Full of every day wisdom. I too feel the presence of trees, especially big ones and old ones.

I remember a big old lemon tree in your back yard many years ago. I was marveled by its abundance. How its heavy branches drooped to the ground, dripping with lemons. I asked if I could take some home and you said "of course, help yourself." I walked underneath that canopy and it was like entering a magical world. I filled my suitcase and traveled back to Colorado with a smile. No one else knew why I was smiling so much, but I knew the secrets I carried inside that suitcase. When I got home, I proudly unzipped it to reveal a world of fragrance and yellow joy! What fun our had making lemon curd, and adorning our food with splashed of citrine! I still think of that tree with a grin and thank you inside my heart. And now I think of you too and our shared love of trees.

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Thank you Christine. I remember that lemon tree too and your suitcase full of lemons!

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