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at one of my happy places in 2022

Hi, I’m Maija (say “Maya”). 

I’m a writer and a spiritual seeker. I am a spouse, a mother, a friend and I’m queer. I like to bake, and I like to make things by hand. I’m a big music appreciator. One of my favorite things is to gather around a table (Crowded Table anyone?) to share a meal and conversation. You’re invited to pull up a chair to our virtual table.

In early 2022, I found myself on a new journey that I did not sign up for. I was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, metastatic lobular breast cancer to be specific. Well, that sure threw a wrench in the works, although it did explain why I’d been feeling so poorly, for so long. 

Life is hard. Life is beautiful. At the same time. This is not an original thought. In fact, lots of people write about this. That’s because it is true. I’m trying to lean into the beauty without denying the hard. Both/and. Isn’t that always the truth?

So here I am exploring what it means to live (with metastatic cancer). I believe that healing happens, even with an incurable disease. I hope you’ll join me.

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a joyful day in 2020 with my lovely wife

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Life is hard. Life is beautiful. Musings of a seeker learning to live (with metastatic cancer).